Home Inspections in the Cypress and Greater  Houston  area

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​David Gibbs - Texas real Estate Commission PI#7406

Your home inspection is an objective visual examination of the physical structure and systems of a home, from the roof to the foundation.  Your experienced and educated inspector will examine structural and mechanical components of the house using modern equipment and techniques including infrared technology and digital foundation elevation measurements as needed.  Inspector will arrive on-time and reports with photos are ready in less than 24 hours. Inspections are performed in accordance with Standards of Practice set out by the Texas Real Estate Commission.  All home inspectors in Texas are required to be licensed and insured.

Inspector will examine the following and more:

Grading and Drainage around Foundation

Lawn Sprinklers & Garage Door Openers

Foundation Performance, Slab or Elevated with Crawl Space

Exterior Walls, Windows & Doors 

Roof Covering, Attic and Framing 

Interior Walls, Ceilings and Floors

Stairs & Fireplaces

Plumbing System, Water Heater and Fixtures

Electrical System - Breaker Panel, Outlets, Switches and Fixtures

Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation

​Built-In Kitchen Appliances

Interior Infrared (Thermal) Scan 

All of our inspections include infrared technology and is included in our pricing.
Infrared / thermal imaging measures and photographs the invisible infrared radiation (heat) that is emitted by all objects. This shows small differences in the surface temperatures of materials and allows graphic documentation. Inside a house, the inspector will use an infrared camera to look for anomalies that may indicate areas of concern. On walls and ceilings, this is effective at detecting moisture that is otherwise not visible to the eye. Insulation deficiencies in walls and attics and unwanted air infiltration will show as hotter or colder areas depending on the weather. Possible electrical malfunctions, such as a switch or breaker that is hotter than others may call for further inspection.​